NBC: No Britney’s Cruci-fixin`s

Lovely young lady, prim role model, and well-regarded excellent actress Britney Spears will not appear as a conservative Christian cooking segment TV host in an episode of Will & Grace (is that show still on?!) called “Cruci-fixin`s,”, as originally reported in a January press release issued by NBC. You can breathe a sigh of relief, Shakers—she’ll still appear, but not as a conservative Christian.

A Jan. 31 news release from NBC’s public relations department said Spears will appear April 13 as a Christian conservative TV personality who shares hosting duties on a talk show with Jack, played by Sean Hayes.

The Mississippi-based American Family Association was not amused, E! Online reported Saturday. The conservative group responded swiftly, calling for an NBC boycott.

“NBC is clearly mocking the Christian faith,” the group’s founder, Donald Wildmon, posted on the AFA Web site. “They clearly have hostility toward the Christian faith, They absolutely will not treat Jews or Muslims in this manner ...”

NBC responded by saying the initial release contained “erroneous information ... mistakenly included” in the Spears’ announcement.

The episode has not been written yet, NBC said in a statement, and “the reference to ‘Cruci-fixin`s’ will not be in the show and the storyline will not contain a Christian characterization at all.”
Ahh, I see. Just erroneous information. It has nothing to do whatsoever with AFA’s getting their panties in a bunch or claiming NBC was seeking revenge against Christians for tanking “The Book of Daniel” or threatened boycotts or the Tyler, Texas, NBC-affiliate announcing they would refuse to air the episode. No, siree. They just never planned that episode at all; just a big mistake.

If only NBC were half as concerned about their cable news outlet and its host who likes to suggest, without a modicum of evidence, that gays and liberals burned down southern churches.

But hey—who cares about fags and lefties, right? The government certainly doesn’t. Why should a network be any different?

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