Every once in awhile, I get random comments on old posts. Sometimes, it’s just someone who’s followed an old link from somewhere and leaves a regular old comment long after the fact, but usually these belated comments are left by people who want to be nasty, but aren’t brave enough to do it in a current thread. For example, on Dec. 28, this gem (“i think your a fucking idiote who doesn't know what your talking about”) was left on a post from January 3rd of last year.

Sometimes, comments of this ilk are more recent, but have nothing to do with the actual post. My Blue Tribune post of Dec. 27, which was about a Chicago Tribune column that took the administration to task for its domestic spying program, was crossposted at Big Brass Blog, where it received the following comment yesterday:

I do not blame Murtha, I wouldn't join the military now either.

With Bush cutting military benefits, and the stupidity that I watched the you JERKS call tactics.

There are plenty of wars I would have fought in (the American revolution, and WWII, oh, I forgot that would be a war against the Nazi Party which most of you guys aren't against,) however this obvious mindless war against Muslims and their culture, is just that.

How about a war against you, I'd gladly take up arms against you.

Don't let me be misunderstood, I am no coward, I think when you point at me and call me coward don't forget christian, there are three fingers pointing back at you!

You are the Coward, and the one that is against the freedoms that the constitution stands for. You can't fight, you wouldn't fight, and you haven't you are a little fat punk, and I hope I see you sometime, I'll kick your ASS!

I am highly trained already, (due to my father deseased Msog [name removed] Special forces,) and have been trained in how to get it on with the Best of the best, so homey anytime you are ready, I'll wip you so hard your mother will feel it. We can make a T.v. special out of it.

The Liberal Pagan Vs. the Nazi Christian. You'll hit the mat so hard you'll think we were hosting the WWII olimpics, where a Black man BEAT DOWN the Nazi Oppressor!
Did you get that? I’m the Nazi Christian in that scenario. For some reason, this guy thinks that I’m a conservative war supporter.

Blink. Blink.

Well, you can save the ass-kicking, sir. You’ve just unloaded your ire on a progressive. Apparently, being trained to get it on with the best of the best doesn’t include the refinement of reading comprehension skills.

He did get it right that I'm a little fat punk, though.

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