Remember, Proles...

...No matter how bad it gets for us, no matter how many lies we are caught in, no matter what dirt you dig up on us, we will always, always find a way to fuck you over.

Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts

WASHINGTON - The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation to cut federal deficits by $39.7 billion on Wednesday by the narrowest of margins, 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the deciding vote.

The measure, the product of a year's labors by the White House and the GOP in Congress, imposes the first restraints in nearly a decade in federal benefit programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and student loans.

Yes, Medicaid, Medicare and student loans. Those leeches. Those "special interests."

By themselves, the deficit cuts included in the five-year bill would amount to only 2.5 percent of projected shortfalls totaling $1.6 trillion over the same time frame. Republicans said the significance lies in more than mere numbers, adding that programs such as Medicare and Medicaid threaten to consume an unsustainable amount of federal revenue if their growth is not trimmed quickly.

Yes, benefit programs are the true danger to this country. Never mind that their little war is destroying us in more ways than one, and even they are forced to admit that the whole thing is one massive fuckup. It's not their spending that's the problem... it's Medicaid.

Here's the kicker:

Republicans signaled earlier in the week they would need the vice president to be present for the final vote on deficit cuts, and he flew back early from an overseas diplomatic mission.

"The vice president votes in the affirmative," he said, speaking only a few words as dictated by Senate custom. He wasn't the only one who made an unexpected trip back to Washington. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., flew back on Tuesday night. He has been recuperating at home from knee replacement surgery, and he made his way into the Senate with the aid of a walker.

Yes, Dick Cheney flew back early for no other reason than to fuck the poor, the middle class, the ill, seniors, and students.

What a class act.

It was the seventh time since Cheney became vice president that he used his powers to break a tie vote, according to records maintained by the Office of the Secretary of the Senate.

As Tbogg says, the picture says it all. He can barely contain his glee.

UPDATE: As Kathy says in comments, these budget cuts make up a total of 2.5% of the defecit. Thank heaven we have Dick Cheney to stop this runaway spending that is destroying us all.

MORE UPDATE: Apparently, Pelosi isn't taking this one lying down.

(You're a mean one, Mister Cross-Post)

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