manliness is ripping up 'O' magazine

It's time for the Women of Wingnutia to rejoice! Now they can start objectifying men. Not just any men. Manly men. We learn from the Focus on the Family website,, that a pastor in MA has decided to fight that sinister homo agenda by holding a Mr. Straight contest:

The homosexual community has flooding the marketplace with products and opportunities exclusively for gays and lesbians. Now a talk show host in Massachusetts is turning the tables. Tom Crouse, pastor of Holland Congregational Church and host of the radio program “Engaging Your World” is launching a “contest” to name the most heterosexual guy in Massachusetts.

“We’re just looking for tolerance for heterosexuals.”

Can someone please tell me where there is no tolerance in society for hetero people? Please leave examples of crimes against them because of their sexuality and laws passed against them. Thanks. What's that? You've got nothing? Shocking.

So, what goes on in the Manly of Manliness contest? Why, Oprah and duct tape:

The contest will feature such manly events as how many Oprah magazines you can tear at once and a sixty second dissertation on the uses of duct tape.

Other events listed are "Name That Food" and in the "Intellectual" category is: "answering random questions such as your favorite heterosexual role model". Now that is mental calisthenics for you!

They're also going to have "somebody who formerly lived the homosexual lifestyle give a testimony of how they’ve been transformed by Jesus Christ" in the middle of the event.

Mr. Hetero will be coming to a town near (some of) you, as events are planned for Albany (NY) and Louisville (KY).

(hat tip Pam; cross-posted at expostulation)

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