I’m Mad at You Just Because I Know Who You Are

Every once in awhile, I get completely annoyed by the fact that there are things in my head which have managed to seep in, in spite of my unwillingness for them to be there. Sometimes they’re useless bits of trivia, like the name of a z-list celebrity’s dog, sometimes they’re words to irritating advert jingles, and sometimes—the worst!—it’s just knowing who someone is, and every time I see a picture of them, I get angry at that person for existing in my sphere of consciousness.

So I’m starting a new feature, called “I’m Mad at You Just Because I Know Who You Are,” and will, from time to time, post pictures of the famous or infamous who drive me insane just because I know who they are for no earthly reason.

To christen this feature, I give you Carrot Top.

Sometimes I take time out of my busy schedule
of being an unfunny prop comic and pseudo-drag queen
to train to be the next governor of California.

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