Get Back To Work, You Goddamned Idiots

We have enough time-wasters "running" this country.

All right, we've all heard the "War on Christmas" insanity being thrown around. We've listened to the whining, self-pitying, completely deluded religious right shrieking that Christmas, faith, and yes, Christianity itself are all under attack. We've heard that lunatic Michael Savage scream about it. We've doubled over in laughter as we heard that pinhead Medved whinge about it. We've shaken our heads in amazement as we've seen John Gibson's ridiculous book about it. And of course, who could forget Big Bill O'Reilly, the reigning King of Christmas, hero to misfit toys everywhere, more or less creator of the whole stinking mess?

Look folks, your invented "War on Christmas" doesn't exist. For every story that you dig up to wave in our faces as proof- PROOF that the ACLU wants to force all of us to say "Happy Holidays" at gunpoint, someone toddles along and debunks it with a five minute google search or a few phone calls. Look, I can't say I blame you. It's great for rallying the easily deluded troops, and it certainly fills your coffers. So what if you're a hypocrite? Just yell it loud enough and sooner or later, it's almost true.

It's worth a few laughs and it's easy to dismiss.

Until some goddamn idiot in congress decides to get into the act.

Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis introduces sense of Congress supporting references to Christmas

Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis today introduced H. Res. 579, a resolution expressing the sense of Congress that the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected, and that references to Christmas should be supported. This measure, which is non-binding and does not carry the force of law, simply states Congressional support for traditional references to Christmas that are being eradicated from the public dialogue.

"There has been an ongoing effort by retailers and many media outlets to slowly eradicate references to Christmas and the symbols and traditions that come along with it from public dialogue," said Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis. "Common sense has been hijacked by political correctness, and the Christmas Season has become a vague, generic `holiday season' spanning from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, representing nothing and celebrating anything. December 25th is the federally recognized day known as Christmas, but retail chains across the country have banned their employees from wishing people a Merry Christmas. As if it could not get more ridiculous, the Christmas tree has now become a holiday tree. This is political correctness run amok. No one should feel like they have done something wrong for wishing someone a Merry Christmas," added Davis.

Oh, no. Oh no no no no no.


Jo Ann Davis, you amazing bonehead. Have you noticed we're in the middle of a fucking useless, meaningless war that even Bush has finally had to admit was a complete mistake? Are you aware that there are over nearly 46 million Americans without health insurance, including 8.4 million children? Has it penetrated your thick skull that we face a global warming crisis that the U.S. has chosen to ignore? 37 million people in the United States are living below the poverty level, and this is the resolution that you come up with?

Stop this bullshit right now and get back to work. Say it with me: There is no War on Christmas. Political Correctness run amok? Don't make me laugh. This completely fabricated anti-Christmas movement lie is what has run amok. This is as stupid as congress debating steroid use in baseball. "As if it could not get more ridiculous" is right, only you haven't the foggiest idea that you're talking about yourself.

This is USELESS, this is a WASTE OF TIME, and any member of congress that gives this the slightest serious thought deserves the same amount of scorn and ridicule that you should be receiving. This should and hopefully will be laughed out of congress before the ink is dry. Non-binding and does not carry the force of law? Then why fucking bother? This is warm-fuzzy legislature, and it's fucking pointless.

You're worried you might feel bad because you say "Merry Christmas?" Tough fucking titty. Boo-hoo. There are other holidays (holy days, you dingbat) celebrated at this time of the year, and just because someone says "Happy Holidays" doesn't mean they're trying to stop you from celebrating Christmas. You get upset when retail stores use generic holiday statements? Tough shit. It's business, and if you don't like it, sit at home in your Grinch footie pajamas and shop online. Good luck finding an online store that doens't use the dreaded "Happy Holidays" line, though.

So put up your fucking tree, drink your fucking eggnogg, sing about Good King Wenceslas, open your fucking presents, wear your goddamn ass-ugly Christmas sweater, celebrate the Christ in Christmas to your heart's content, and do please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Stop with this ridiculous puffery and get back to work. I'm sure you've got some real problems in Virginia that could stand some work and legislation.


(Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of cross-posts... )

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