iPod Dick:

After a four-day overseas trip that took him to four countries in the Middle East, Vice President Dick Cheney really wanted to get his iPod charged for that long return flight to Washington.

Since it is his plane, the vice president's iPod took priority and was plugged into one of the only working power outlets on Air Force Two, frustrating reporters who were trying to file stories.
His plane? His plane?! Uh, no. Air Force Two is America’s plane. It belongs to the taxpayers whose money paid for it—not Dick Cheney. He might want and expect the American taxpayer to hand over to him every last thing their money has bought and paid for, and he might have had some serious success by way of Halliburton stock options, but he doesn’t own Air Force Two yet. It isn’t his bloody plane. And all of us, including him, would do well to remember that there’s a difference between America—and what it owns—and the administration. I hope this country will still be here long after the cretins currently at its helm are dead and gone.

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