What a Joker!

Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean joker; I meant sexist:

The Hill overheard Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) talk about how "he figured out in his first Senate campaign, as a 29-year-old, how to turn people out for a fundraiser."

“Find enough beautiful women and enough guys will show up,” he quipped.

He quickly added, “The Hill newspaper is here, and they’ll think that’s a sexist remark.”
The Hill’s kind retort was, “No we won’t, senator. It’s just human nature.” (Via Political Wire.)

What I find most interesting about his comment is that it suggests women don’t themselves give money to political campaigns, or so little that they are more useful as bait for men who only show up and donate if they get to see a little T&A. Yet another example of sexism that manages to insult both women and men.

And no, I don’t give a flying fuck if it was meant to be a joke. You can make jokes like that when I see a fair representation of women in Congress and on the Supreme Court, how about that, dickhead?

(Note: To all the dumbasses who claim it's women like me who are the reason that the Democrats can’t win when we get pissed off about sexism in the Democratic Party, redirect your ire in Biden’s general direction.)

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