O’Reilly is an Un-American Jackass

After offering up San Francisco to terrorists, then defending his statement as something that needed to be said, and then referring to it on his own show as a satirical riff, now O’Reilly has decided that instead of admitting he crossed a line, apologizing, and getting on with his usual borderline nutcase bloviations, he will seek vengeance on those who dared call him on his lunatic hyperbole. Like any other rat, backed into a corner, he goes on the offensive. Next stop: a McCarthy-style enemies list.

Some far left internet smear sites have launched a campaign to get me fired over my point of view. I believe they do this on a daily basis. This time the theme is O’Reilly is encouraging terrorist attacks. Unbelievably stupid. Not unusual with these guttersnipes.

I’m glad the smear sites made a big deal out of it. Now we can all know who was with the anti-military internet crowd. We’ll post the names of all who support the smear merchants on billoreilly.com. So check with us.
Crooks and Liars has the video here.

All I want to know is, how do I get on that list? Nothing would make me prouder than to be on a list of sites loathed by the repellent O’Reilly.

(As a side note…Idiot O’Jabberjaws might want to note who managed to piss off the military on Veterans’ Day. It wasn’t lefty bloggers.)

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