GOP Plonkers

Said knobs are currently trying to force a House vote on whether our deployment in Iraq should terminated, effectively immediately. I’m watching it live on C-SPAN right now; it’s totally ridiculous. Rep. Tierney (D-Mass) is going haywire about how the proposal doesn’t provide for the troops’ safety and it’s basically an idiotic resolution and putting it to a vote without the benefit of a full discussion is ludicrous. And of course he’s right—the whole thing is just grandstanding by the GOP to try to make Murtha and the Dems look like idiots if they vote against withdrawing the troops, even though the resolution totally makes a mockery of Murtha’s position. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Cal) is a useless, politicking dickhead and keeps saying troops feel that the “rug is being pulled out from under them,” and that Congress is sending that message. Everyone’s yelling and carrying on—it’s totally wacky. Now Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) is going completely apeshit and screaming his head off about how Hunter’s resolution deliberately mischaracterized Murtha’s position and is telling him to withdraw it. Good lord. It’s almost like British Parliament in there.

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