Dems Announce Nothing Tastes Quite as Delicious as Each Other

Anyone who broke out a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Congressman Murtha’s call for an immediate withdrawal yesterday likely hasn’t yet shaken off the dreaded champagne hangover and already there are Democrats running away from Murtha’s much-needed toughness like he’s radioactive. And not just any Democrats—House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi damned Murtha with faint praise, saying he deserved to have “his day.” Possible presidential candidate Wesley Clark indirectly dismissed Murtha’s stance as part of a “tendency to want to say 'Cut your losses,’” and reiterated the need to remain in Iraq “until we reach the point where engagement there cannot advance us,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

Perhaps most infuriating was the reaction of Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who’s head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and thereby tasked with leading the charge on behalf of House Democrats during mid-term campaigning:

"Jack Murtha went out and spoke for Jack Murtha. … At the right time, we will have a position."
Well isn’t that just wanktastic. When, exactly, might that “right time” be? Can we expect to arrive at that point in the space-time continuum sometime before the mid-term elections, or do you suggest we all hunker down and wait patiently for another three years or so?

This kind of bullshit is absolutely infuriating.

David Sirota’s got more well-earned ranting and raving at HuffPo.

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