What’s particularly interesting about this is that it would circumvent the legislation designed to undermine gay parenthood, such as bans on gay adoption, and strengthen the argument for legalized gay marriage. It would also, however, likely have the effect of seeing more crazy-ass legislation restricting fertility assistance as was recently proposed in Indiana.

The Guardian on Sunday had a story that simply has to be read to be believed about the growing scientific interest in making babies from stem cells, a process that would eliminate the need for both male and female reproductive material to contribute to the process.

While the technology is being developed specifically for couples who suffer from infertility, it could someday also be used by postmenopausal women and same-sex couples. In short, according to the Guardian, in either two to four years or five to 10 (depending on which pack of Dr. Frankensteins you believe) gay couples may be able to have a baby using both of their -- and only their -- genetic material.
Unless they also manage to create a synthetic womb in the meantime, I suspect gay dudes will also still need to lease some female reproductive assistance.

Can't wait for the wingnuts to go completely nutzoid over this one.

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