Who Knew a Horse’s Ass Could Smile?

After yesterday, of course, we all did, after witnessing DeLay’s idiotic mugshot. Shaker Deborah forwards this AP story which confirms my (and others’) suspicions that the whole point was not giving fodder to the Dems for midterm ads.

Why is Tom DeLay smiling? After all, he’s been indicted. Forced out of his job as House majority leader. And called into court for fingerprinting and a mugshot like a common criminal.

Answer: A photo of DeLay grinning from ear to ear doesn’t pack quite the punch in a Democratic attack ad as one that looks more like the mugshot of, say, actor Hugh Grant, after his arrest in 1995 for picking up a prostitute.

Note the House of Representatives security pin on DeLay’s lapel.

He looks in the photo like a proud member of Congress who might just have won the lottery, not one indicted on charges of money laundering. The photo looks like it could have been taken anywhere.

And that was just the point.
In any case, here’s something that brings us a little closer to the truth:

A full picture speaks 1,000 words—even though it only needs to speak two.

Crooked asshole.

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