Tom DeLay, Meet Jack McCoy


DeLay's lawyer says that Earle tried to get him to cut a deal and indicted him when he refused. In Republican bizarro universe that's somehow evidence of bad faith on Earle's part.
See, now I don’t really think that Tom DeLay, and especially not his lawyer, are stupid enough to believe that when an alleged criminal is offered a deal and refuses, that means the district attorney ought to immediately acknowledge his innocence of any wrongdoing, because, as everyone knows, all guilty men take pleas and all innocent men go to trial. I do, however, think they believe that the media is stupid enough to publish a story so idiotic that it makes it look as though, by offering a plea and then choosing to indict when it’s rejected, Earle was being sneaky. And, they are right.

I also think they believe that that the American public is stupid enough to believe that idiotic story. On this, they are wrong. One doesn’t need to be a trained legal scholar to understand what a prosecutor’s job is. In fact, any dumbo who’s watched an episode of Law and Order knows how this stuff works. Sometimes, we even hope the heinous crook will turn down Jack McCoy’s offer of a plea bargain, just to watch the vermin squirm in the courtroom. So there.

UPDATE: Kathy from Birmingham Blues had a similar thought. See, DeLay? We're onto your tricks. You can blame Dick Wolf. Ga-gong.

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