Scalito Hates the Gays, Too

Reason #1 I support gay rights: Because I believe in equality for everyone. Period.

Reason #2 I support gay rights: Because attacks on the LGBT community are inextricably woven together with attacks on women. Anytime there’s some conservative nutwit with a demonstrable lack of respect for one group’s sexual autonomy, they inevitably have no respect for the other’s, either.

Scalito is no exception. This retrograde reprobate is not only hostile to women (believing they should be required by law to notify their husbands if they get an abortion, for a start), but is hostile to gays, too.

In 2001, Judge Alito authored a decision in Saxe v. State that declared unconstitutional a public school district policy that prohibited harassment against students because of their sexual orientation or other characteristics.

The policy focused on harassment that had the purpose or effect of interfering with a student's educational performance or creating and intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Alito reasoned that the policy was unconstitutional because it could cover what he called "simple acts of teasing and name-calling."
In other words, to protect the right of bullies to go around and shout, “Four-eyes!” and “Fatass!” at their fellow classmates—you know, harmless fun like that—Scalito ruled unconstitutional a policy designed to protect gay students from harassment, even if it is so severe as to interfere with their education. I guess his position is best summarized as No Straight Child Left Behind.

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