Always Prepared; Always a Hack

Lawyers Recall Miers' Preparation Skills:

Most of the cases the Supreme Court nominee handled were settled before they went to trial, her former law partners say. Those colleagues and lawyers who opposed her remember Miers for her preparation and attention to detail.
Wow, astounding. So, in other words, she was a competent attorney. Color me impressed.

And here’s something for which all of us who love and admire our current Pres and VP owe Miers a debt of gratitude:

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Miers defended Bush and running mate Dick Cheney against a lawsuit claiming that Texas representatives to the Electoral College couldn't vote for the Republican ticket.

The Constitution forbids electors from voting for a president and a vice president if all are from the same state. Cheney had lived in Dallas for five years and returned to Wyoming only after joining the ticket. Miers argued that the Texas residents who brought the lawsuit didn't have standing to sue.

The appeals judges hearing the case later decided that Cheney was indeed a Wyoming resident. The opposing lawyer, Charles W. McGarry, said Miers focused on a narrow procedural issue but did a competent job.
Thank you, Harriet, for bringing your exceptional skills of competency and dignity to such an important matter. How can we ever repay you?

Oh, right. I guess the President is taking care of that.

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