How Sweet It Is

Great post from Patrick at Yelladog:

I think I am going to go buy a lottery ticket tonight

Let's review this remarkable day, shall we?

1. Tom Delay indicted. (Follow that link to the best caption ever.)

2. Frist is facing a serious SEC audit of his personal finances.

3. Bill Bennett: "[Y]ou could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down" Hello, new face of republicanism!

4. Rumors are flying about an October Rove indictment.

5. Someone finally snapped a picture of a giant squid. (sweet.)

And none of my homies died today. Today was a good day.
It’s not over yet, of course, and I never let my guard down with these lunatics, but I have high hopes for the remainder of the day, too. Tomorrow we can go back to dealing with the usual nonsense.

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