The Amazing Fristini

You know, I just get more and more awestruck by the impressive and mysterious powers of Bill Frist. First, he apparently managed to conjure a medical license for himself out of thin air, since he obviously didn’t attend medical school. Then, he did what others thought impossible—diagnosed a serious and complicated medical condition just by looking at someone on a videotape! (Sure, he was wrong, but let’s not quibble with inscrutability of magic.) Frist's latest trick may, however, be his most impressive. Granted, he is a hideous, useless, Republican hack, but I challenge even the most hardcore Lefty moonbats to not be impressed by his powers of prognostication. Only a great magician of Frist’s stature could have portended a 15% drop in the stock value of his own family's hospital corporation, and only (dare I say?) a great prophet would have known to sell not only every last one of his own shares, but his wife’s and children’s, too, two weeks before that price drop. Now that is some amazing shit.

If any of you clever legal types are worried that the Amazing Fristini might face insider trading charges, don’t you worry your pretty little heads. Bush installed a crony to head the SEC, too (after Congress unanimously approved his nomination), so our magic man is safe. Frist will never get fucked by Cox. That ain’t the way the Republicans swing, baby.

(Hat tip AMERICAblog.)

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