Random Observation

I spotted the following two bumper stickers side-by-side on the same car:

United We Stand

It’s All About ME

The ME on the latter was larger than either the flag or the lettering on the former. It was, of course, meant to be one of those cutesy princess things, but I couldn’t help thinking that’s really the whole problem with conservatives right there. “United We Stand” doesn’t have nearly the prominence as everything being “All About ME.” The ugly American doesn’t even realize she is ugly even to other Americans, or doesn’t care. The ugly American advertises it right on her bumper.

I could probably turn this into an entire essay, but I’m short on time today, so I’ll post it for discussion—and as a solicitation for other stickers, ribbons, and assorted automotive accoutrements that drive you insane.

(As an aside, I saw a good one the other day which read: “Republican Health Plan: Don’t Get Sick.” It was right next to another advocating chaos, ha.)

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