Question of the Day Part One: Underrated Actors

We've done this one before, but it was fun, and Oddjob just mentioned Schindler's List in a thread, and so I was thinking about Liam Neeson, who is my current obsession. Not, like, a crush kind of thing, but just wanting to watch every Liam Neeson movie ever made (and yes, I actually watched Satisfaction, though I've left Darkman for now). I don't think he's underrated in terms of his talent being recognized, but I wish he had bigger roles in more films. More Kinsey, less Qui-Gon Jinn.

I've also been Catherine Keener fixated for awhile now, too. I could watch Walking and Talking 3,000 times in a row.

So, who's on your list? Who would you like to see more of, but don't, to your dismay?

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