The More Things Change…

Mr. Shakes and I watched George Carlin’s What Am I Doing in New Jersey? today, which was recorded in 1988. He was riffing on the Reagan administration and the “moral majority” that helped elect them, and I swear if he replaced the names, he could do the exact same material today and no one would be the wiser. All the same stuff—lawbreakers in the administration, trying to control people’s sex lives, the hypocrisy of pro-lifers who are also pro-war and pro-death penalty, anti-gay bullshit, etc.

You can go back and read Mencken and find a lot of the same crap, too—and he died in like 1956 or something. I don’t know whether to feel better that we've managed to get through it before without the world ending, or whether to feel depressed that nothing’s really changed.

Either way...same shit, different president.

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