McCain Stinks

After Paul’s earlier post, I’ve just been stewing about how much I despise John McCain. And you know why I have so little love for this brave war hero who has honorably served his country as both a soldier and a senator? Because he’s not serving it honorably anymore. He’s become the worst kind of opportunistic, disingenuous, politicking bastard, and I’m mad that he betrayed my faith in him as one of the few Republicans who seemed to have a modicum of integrity. Of all people, John McCain should be screaming from the rooftops about what folly this war is. Of all people, he should be unequivocally condemning the travesties at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. Of all people, he should care that the America we love, the America for which he risked his life and gave up years as a POW, is slipping away. But he’s no more vehement than a lot of people, and less so than plenty others.

And now he’s decided the road to the presidency is paved with pandering to the slimy fucks who care so little for this country’s future that they’d compromise an entire generation of its people by diluting their educations with what can be deemed, at best, an alternative but nonscientific philosophy of the origins of humankind, and, at worst, utter hogwash. Leadership isn’t caving to the whims of those who screech the loudest, but instead having the guts and the tenacity to tell them they’re wrong when what they want isn’t good for the rest of us.

Anyone who still thinks this jagoff's a maverick after the bootlicking he gave Bush during the last election is living in cloud cuckoo land. His alleged independent streak came to a screeching halt as it collided with the stumbling zombie corpse of his credibility the moment he stood in New Hampshire with his arm around the shoulders of the man whose operatives called his wife a junky and his adopted daughter illegitimate. He may have been honorable and brave once upon a time, but he’s not anymore.

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