G. Gordon Liddy is Bugshit Insane

Yeah, I know, this is news?

Seriously though, go watch this video at Crooks & Liars.

Liddy spouts some Tom Clancy "if he wanted to, he could conduct a war from the crapper" pointlessness, hilariously draws comparisons to Bush's vacation and FDR's "vacation" for Polio treatment, and when Huffington makes a coherent argument, what does he do?

Why, he makes a racial slur, of course.

Just watch Huffington's face after he makes his "gratuitous assertion" comment. It's obvious how amazed she is by his racism and insane ramblings. She just shakes her head and laughs with amazement for the rest of the "segment."

(By the way, I really liked the "Sacrifice it." statement Arianna made. This is a mantra we can start using. The Bush Administration has called upon all of us to make sacrifices; why can't they sacrifice anything? Why do they get to have all the fun?)

Paula Zahn, of course, gives Liddy the "last word" (after she already gave him the first word), and spouts some of the most sycophantic stuff I've ever heard. (I found her flippant "So what's your gripe?" comment particularly embarassing and disgusting.) She parrots the "Bush already met with her" Republican Talking Point and dismisses Huffington's response with a sarcastic "OK." If CNN thinks any of this segment was actual reporting or news, they really are beyond the point of no return.

Liddy's "face blown off" speech was just... weird. Creepy weird. He talks about his son as if he were a bald patch on his lawn.

I seriously don't understand how people can use the word "unhinged" when talking about liberals. Show me ONE liberal speaker on any show that is this unhinged, and I'll buy you lunch. Liddy simply isn't living in the real world anymore.

(Cross-Post and I are getting old and we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence)

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