The Debunker

Debunking bullshit is something at which John Howard, author of the hottest blog on the internets but not prime minister of Australia, is really, really good. I mean, he excels at it. He just looks at whatever bullshit is going down, and then matter-of-factly says exactly why it’s utter rubbish. And taking on the wingnuts who are trying to discredit Cindy Sheehan is no exception.

I encourage you to read his whole post, in which he addresses point by point the various methods employed to try to impugn Sheehan’s character and motivations, but I want to share his summation because it’s so spot on (emphasis mine):
The bottom line is that I can't see any good reason to argue that there is anything wrong with what this woman is doing, and even if you disagree with it, then I still don't see any reason to attack her personally. And the fact that so many people are doing it anyway really worries me. Not just because it makes it look like there are a lot more assholes in the world than I thought, but because it seems more people are loyal to George Bush than they are to America. And that sucks.
I could write endlessly on the topic of nationalism run amok, but that really just says it all, doesn’t it?

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