Big Brass Blogswarm: We Support Cindy Sheehan

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Update: Blue Girl in a Red State reports that the blogswarm was just mentioned and shown on CNN's Inside Politics regarding the Sheehan protest. She notes: "Wolf clarified at the end that you/we are definitely part of the 'liberal, left leaning blogs.'" Indeed we are. (Thanks to Qusan, Gordon, and Brother Kenya for the heads-ups, too.)

Via mutiple posts from Shakes contributor D. and myself (see here, here, here, here, and here), you know about Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a fallen Iraq War soldier who is camping out in Crawford, Texas, seeking an audience with the president. You may also remember Cindy's powerful testimony at the Downing Street Memos hearing called by Congressman Conyers. This is a woman on a mission, and the Big Brass Alliance, along with Code Pink, who have called for a hunger strike in her support, and, who are closely tracking her pursuit of justice, in addition to many others, support her all the way. Enough soldiers have died already to preserve the lies. President Bush, Meet With Cindy!

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Keep checking back. The list is sure to grow!

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