Get Down, Mary

These stories always seem to come in flurries:
A statue of the Virgin Mary has reportedly "become flesh" and started to dance.

Over 40,000 catholics are on their way to St Peter's church at Acerra, near Naples to have a closer look.

Witnesses say that the 5ft white marble statue stretched out her arms and moved her legs reports the Daily Express.

Domenico Di Gennaro said: "I saw the statue move without doubt. The legs and the arms were clearly moving and my wife saw it as well. Some people who had phones photographed it."

The parish priest said the church was closed so that tests could be carried out on the statue.
People are now apparently holding vigil and trying to capture their own images of the moving Mary on their cell phones. Good luck with all that.

Don’t these people have jobs? If Michelangelo's David came alive and specifically requested my presence, I couldn’t get a day off.

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