Energy Bill

I’ve been kind of thinking about exactly what I wanted to say about (read: how best to register my thorough disgust for) the soon-to-be-passed energy bill, and then I stopped by Ezra’s, and I simply couldn’t improve on what he already said:
Bush's energy bill is headed for passage, and thankfully so. Save for substantive modernization of our electricity grid, an increase in CAFE standards, an actual stance on global warming, a coherent framework for reducing our oil consumption, a serious investment in natural gas, an actual interest in new technologies for alternative sources, and really anything that'd have any sort of worthwhile impact on our energy situation at all, this bill has is just what we need. Subsidies. Giveaways. Handouts. Protection. Guidelines. Bureaucracy. All sprinkled with liberal amounts of Corporate Love and put on the Senate's desk.
Read the rest. It’s good.

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