Connect the Dots

Re: Paul’s post below, I just wanted to add that rather than viewing the Plame issue, and particularly Rove’s role in it, as separate from the issues raised by the Downing Street Memos, it’s important to see them all as part and parcel of one larger issue. Practically and factually, that issue is information manipulation and message control, and allowing ideologically-driven and –designed propaganda to trump fact-based intelligence. Philosophically, that issue is a severe and appalling breech of ethics, most notably the betrayal of the trust of the American people.

We need to view both of these issues, and many of the others Paul astutely noted, as part of a pattern of behavior (or misbehavior, as the case may be), signaling the true nature of an extremist administration who cares little for the American people, or protecting them by undertaking a wise and rational national security policy, but instead seeks to exploit the very fear that is generated by ignoring the appropriate responses real threats demand.

Connect the dots. Each dot is important, and once connected, they reveal a clear picture of what this administration is all about.

(And yes, we're going to have to show that pretty picture to the mainstream media, who are clearly patently incapable of connecting those dots themselves.)

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