Downing Street Update

* Today’s media contacts are:

(A) ABC Nightline. email:

(B) NBC News. email: phone: 212-664-4971 fax: 212-664-4426

(C) Wall Street Journal. email: phone: 212-416-2000 fax: 212-416-2658

* If you post on the topic today, make sure you contact Joe at The Heretik and Charles at Freiheit und Wissen, who are doing Big Brass Blogswaming aggregation.

* The Big Brass Alliance made Wikipedia, which is pretty cool.

* And this is my favorite item of the day:

The Backbone Campaign (which seems an appropriate match for the Big Brass Alliance), a a grassroots effort to embolden citizens and elected officials to stand up for progressive values, says:
Please join us in sending Spine postcards to your Senators and members of Congress to let them know they should join the Inquiry into the Downing Street Minutes/Memo. You can click here to download a pdf file that can be printed on cardstock or other paper and sent to you members of Congress. This version of the pdf file refers directly to the Downing Street Minutes/Memo issue.
I love it. Very cool.

Keep it up, everyone!

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