Don’t Point Those Things at America

Pam’s got a truly outrageous post up about how, as she notes, nipples are the new WMD. The basic gist is that actresses are being forced to tape down their nipples during filming so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of people who are watching shows with titles like Desperate Housewives, the producers of which have also taken to blurring out visible nipple outlines in post-production.

What makes me angriest about this is the notion that there’s something offensive or scandalous about women’s nipples poking through a shirt. Okay, I know it can be titillating (no pun intended) in certain circumstances, but it’s also just a normal human function that happens sometimes (to both women and men—I’m talking to you, Simon Cowell), and I really, really dislike the way that it’s now considered somehow “dirty.”

I’d sooner have the god-botherers whining and the drooling pervs slobbering over the occasionally extra-perky titty than have the whole lot of nips across America maligned as filthy for doing something they’re meant to do.

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