DNC Releases 2004 Ohio Election Report

And here are some findings that won’t shock you at all:

More then ¼ of Ohio voters had problems at the polls.

Twice as many black voters reported problems as white voters.

Black voters were far more likely to come up against challenges to their registration status and to experience intimidation, and reported waiting an average of 52 minutes to cast their ballots versus the 18 minutes average reported by white voters.

Voters in counties using touchscreen voting machines had far more problems than voters in other counties.

BradBlog’s got the lowdown.

I don’t know whether Kerry really won the election or not. Proof that there were voting problems doesn’t prove that the election results were wrong, not definitively. What I do know is that to cruise right along as if nothing happened is an insult to those who had to suffer the abovementioned indignities just to cast their votes…and a sign of the utter disregard for ensuring the fully functional democracy we foolishly take for granted that we’re guaranteed.

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