Bush on the Dems: Get Out of My Way!

So President Bush is pouting because the Dems are, in his words, employing a “philosophy of the stop sign” and an “agenda of the road block.” He also noted that:
Political parties that choose the path of obstruction will not gain the trust of the American people.
Here’s the thing, George. Your party is about to run the country straight off a cliff, and Americans have actually begun to start appreciating the party that’s blocking the road between the crazyass jalopy you’re driving and the unknowable abyss. When all is said and done, I strongly suspect those who braved the oncoming traffic will indeed have gained the trust of the American people, who will soon, whether you like it or not, find out just how deep your betrayals really run.


Aside…check out this sentence from the same Reuters article:
"On issue after issue, they (the Democrats) stand for nothing except obstruction," Bush said at the annual President's Dinner, a $23 million fund-raiser attended by Republican leaders, party donors, and a blond porn star and former California gubernatorial candidate named Mary Carey.
Read: “On issue after issue, they (the Democrats) stand for nothing except obstruction,” Bush had the unmitigated temerity to say while parting down with a fucking porn star and his fatcat friends who made his coffers flush with cash while Afghanistan faces a cholera epidemic, Iraq continues to degenerate into an ever more horrible quagmire, the economy sags, the genocides and AIDS crises in Africa wage on unabated, our energy crisis worsens, more Americans continue to lose health coverage and fall into poverty, schools go unfunded, and a national civil culture war fueled by Bush’s extremist agenda rages on. Oh, and did we mention a porn star was there?

The tide, my friends, has turned.

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