The Gadflyer’s Sarah Posner reports:
The American Family Association is also up in arms over a decision by the national Parent Teacher Association, that den of sin and perversion, to allow Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to conduct diversity and tolerance trainings at its upcoming conference while excluding Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX). (PFOX was one of the plaintiffs, represented by Jerry Falwell's legal group, in the lawsuit challenging the policy of the Montgomery County, Maryland public school system to teach tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality.)

Watch for PFOX -- which claims that homosexuality is a choice and that people can therefore reform themselves into heterosexuality, contrary to all scientific evidence, not to mention anecdotal evidence as represented by scores of gay Republicans -- to make some of the same arguments it made in the Montgomery County litigation when it protests its exclusion from the PTA convention. Its M.O. is to claim that if you teach tolerance of homosexuals, you should teach tolerance of ex-homosexuals, too. Excluding them, PFOX claims, is viewpoint discrimination and suppression of free speech.
What in the fucking fuck is this bullshit?! (Aside from further evidence that since douchebags like the American Family Association can’t win arguments with things like “facts” and “reason,” they’ve resorted to trying to melt our brains with synapse-frying lunacy.)

First of all, I don’t believe in “ex-gays,” unless the definition is “a self-loathing homosexual who forces him- or herself into an unwanted sexuality to avoid the mockery, hatred, and condemnation of the cynical purveyors of gay-reform programs.” The supporters of the ex-gay movement, of course, define it as someone who has sloughed off the chosen coil of same-sex attraction, in which case, I’m not sure I understand why they don’t simply refer to ex-gays as “heterosexuals.” Why the need for lawsuits to ensure that tolerance for ex-gays is taught? Aren’t heterosexuals tolerated pretty much everywhere? If these gay-reform programs are so successful, why do ex-gays need a special designation?

Next thing you know, the ex-gays will be wanting the legalization of ex-gay marriage, protection for ex-gays against job and housing discrimination, partner benefits for their ex-gay spouses, and that’s really going to send this country to hell in a handbasket.

(Of course, I realize that the whole point of this obnoxious bullshit is that they want to promote their ex-gay brainwashing propaganda, not that they give a crap about the actual ex-gays who rotate as spokespeople for the three months apiece until they go back to being gay. Still, it’s notable that even the champions of ex-gays either don’t believe that ex-gays are truly “cured,” as they claim, or that they are so reviled by someone who has at one time been gay that they refuse to address them as heterosexuals, or both. Either way, they’re pricks.)

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