Question of the Day: Head of Stone Edition

Jeff at BearCastleBlog writes:
Capo, writing at the Cleveland Park Men’s Club (those of us living in or near Washington DC will recognize the geographic reference — oddly, there’s a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt there, in the Washington National Cathedral), in a piece called “GWB Memorial: The Writing’s on the Wall” (16 May 2005), begins by saying

A recent visit to the FDR memorial got me thinking. When did America stop making tough as nails leaders like this guy? And who the hell is President George W. Bush to compare himself to FDR? He wants to be like him so bad that he even went out and got himself the same kind of dog.

and then proceeds to offer a fascinating comparison between GWB and FDR.

Anyway, the title of his post got me thinking…

Someday, the inevitable will happen (”death and taxes” according to Mark Twain; although the “taxes” bit is questionable for Republicans, they haven’t managed to repeal “death” yet) and some idiots will get all worked up about some suitable memorial for our current president.

What would a suitable memorial for W look like?

…I have to give it more thought, but my first concept is along the lines of a very large (say, 10 feet of length for every person killed in Iraq) Claus-Oldenburg-style soft sculpture of an ostrich with its head buried in the ground.

But, like I say, it’s just an initial concept.
Heh heh heh. I’m thinking my design would be a Pinocchio allusion. First I’d get someone to sculpt his ugly noggin, sans nose, then I’d lie the Washington Monument on its side and attach it in the empty space. It would not only be a powerful testament to his unrivaled capacity for dishonesty, but it would also finally rid us of the annoying situation of the most prominent monument in our nation’s capital being a giant phallic symbol. Maybe then we’ll get a chick in the White House.

What’s your design?

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