More (and More) on the Mule-Fucker

A week ago, Neal “Mule-Fucker” Horsley, rabid gay-hater and abortion opponent who famously posts the names and addresses of abortionists on his website, appeared again on Alan Colmes’ radio show to defend and clarify his statements about having had sex with a mule when he was a kid:
It was a natural occurrence, he said, like that of a mutt that will hump everything warm and wet in sight. He maintained that he did not rape the mule. Horsley claimed that the mule consented and was a willing consultant in this match due to the fact that the mule was clearly a whore for accepting the gift of an ear of corn for the sexual act. Now if you are doing a double take on that piece of information, I should advise you, he really said it.

Mr. Horsley stated that it is logical and natural to engage in bestiality in today's world, comparing it to consenting gay sex. Mule-man sex is natural, and man-man sex is natural but not normal. He compared it to the paradigm of a dog humping a leg or anything it can find. All men are mutts (well DUH!) when it comes to their sexuality, The mule was just a matter of convenience for him, but it was just one mule. And I'll quote Alan on this one "At least you were a monogamist".

Alan continued the question with "if it were a washing machine would you have sexual intercourse with it?"

Horsley replied, paraphrasing, "I hadn't thought about it, but I would have had sex with anything wet and warm and moved."

At this time all I could think was sending out an APB warning people to lock up their washing appliances tonight.

Horsley continued by saying that you can be forgiven for the "naturalness" of bestiality because animals are dumb and have no feelings, but those involved in homosexuality should be put in prison. That would mean Horsley should be sitting in that prison according to his own convictions. Yes folks, most of you guessed it right, he admitted to 1 homosexual affair with a man and 2 extra-marital affairs that resulted in pregnancies. Mr. Horsley who is staunch anti-abortion advocate, claimed tonight he had "personally seen thousands of abortions walk by him, weeping", (can I please have video of that?), stated he had told the mistresses that they should abort the fetuses. The women didn't chose that option and decided to have the children.
Okay, what the hell is wrong with this guy?! He is seriously the ultimate example of someone who has absolutely no self-control or mechanism for censoring his own behavior so thusly seeks to legislate morality. I suppose if abortion had been illegal, he never would have encouraged his mistresses to get abortions, right? Yeah, sure. That’s the problem with these dill-holes; criminalizing a behavior they can’t resist despite its incompatibility with their personal belief systems won’t stop them from engaging in the behavior and they don’t realize it. Making abortion illegal won’t eradicate its existence from the world, nor the associated temptation to urge your pregnant mistress to get one.

Moving on, the Southern Poverty Law Center also recently profiled Horsley, who I would love to be able to dismiss as a random crackpot with no influence, but unfortunately, that’s not true, since he runs the leading anti-abortion website. You really ought to read the whole thing, because it’s enough to make your head spin right off your shoulders as it details Horsley’s rising influence in the Dominionist and anti-abortion movements (including his involvement with the murderers of abortionists), but here are some choice bits for your perusal and inevitable horror:
At first glance, Neal Horsley appears to be the merry old uncle of his neighborhood on a cul-de-sac in a middle-class Atlanta suburb.

Irreverent, amusing and animated, Horsley seems for all the world a warm and faithful husband, a friend to children, an iconoclastic conversationalist and wry commentator on the state of the world.

A second look reveals an entirely different Horsley — the implacable enemy of homosexuals who promises regularly to "arrest faggots," a man who proposes to use nuclear weapons in a bid for Southern secession, the Scripture-quoting theocrat who wants to force his version of Bible law on American society.

This is the Horsley that rails on about "desecration," "pagans," "lust" and "perverted tolerance."

And then there is the Neal Horsley who boasts to a young acolyte about having sex with men and with mules, the aging Vietnam War protester who says that "smoking dope, fucking and boozing, that's who I am naturally."

The Horsley who served 2 1/2 years in federal prison for dealing hashish oil. The Horsley who put up photographs on his Web site of naked men engaging in homosexual acts and a nude woman engaging in bestiality amid shots of grotesquely maimed fetuses.


It was Horsley who Clayton Waagner, a self-described anti-abortion "terrorist" on the Ten Most Wanted List, chose to drop in on shortly before being arrested last November. It was Horsley who propelled his notorious website — featuring home addresses and other detailed information about hundreds of abortion providers — into the national limelight after a physician was murdered by a sniper in 1998.

It was Horsley who managed to make himself a central focus of a Home Box Office documentary on the extremist fringe of the anti-abortion movement. Horsley has become so well known that the Southern Party — a neo-Confederate group with strong secessionist elements — had him give a keynote speech last August.

Neal Horsley, the Bob Dylan enthusiast who once begged a girlfriend to get an abortion, may be the most important rising figure on the hard Christian right.


Not long after beginning a 30-month federal prison sentence, Neal Horsley "surrendered to Jesus." He wrote later that he was among the first prisoners to be "furloughed to the new ministry started by [born-again Watergate felon] Chuck Colson called Prison Fellowship."

Meeting Colson and other prominent Christian evangelicals, Horsley was enthralled. In 1979, after doing some work for Prison Fellowship, he became Colson's first southeastern regional director and served for several years before getting a Fellowship scholarship to attend seminary.

Moving to Philadelphia, Horsley found Westminster Theological Seminary a place where he could study under "some of the most Godly and learned people in the world."

Founded by fundamentalist J. Gresham Machen, who was expelled from mainstream Presbyterianism in 1936, Westminster has been a bastion of theological conservatism. Studying there, Horsley underwent his abortion epiphany.


What is clear is that by the mid-1990s, Horsley was expressing Reconstructionist ideas.

Among other things, he cited "the elimination of the idea of the Creator from the legal reasoning process leading to the formation of law" as "proving the desecration of God's authority" in America. He wrote about "evil laws and the evil regime that perpetuates those laws."

And he angrily called on fellow Christians to radically reform the "self-indulgent, pagan, idolatrous status quo that goes by the name of the United States."


In 1995, Neal Horsley logged on to the Internet.

His first website,, carried his writings on a variety of subjects, from essays calling for the arrest of "faggots" to interminable diatribes about abortion.

One section, called the "Desecration Digest," included extremely graphic pornographic photos ostensibly meant to illustrate America's moral degeneracy.

Another, entitled "Secession Via Nuclear Weapons" and illustrated by a large photograph of a mushroom cloud, called for Georgians to threaten to violently secede in a bid to force other states to outlaw abortion.


Angrily attacking other opponents of abortion for treating mothers sympathetically rather than as murderers, Horsley soon would begin to solicit and put up photos of patients outside abortion facilities.

"There are words for what a mother does when she kills her unborn child for any reason other than clear and present self-defense ... words like infanticide and homicide, and evil, and sin, and punishable by law and God," Horsley writes on the site. "[These] homicidal mothers must be held up for the world to see."

By 2001, the site was up, complete with scores of photos.


"When it came," Horsley said of what he sees as God's message to him that he was to save the babies, "it opened the door and put me right up there on stage. A big stage with lots of lights. Rather than shrinking back, I saw it as my opportunity. ... To be perfectly honest, I'm having a great time. I love it!"
Get to know Neal Horsley, because, like it or not, he’s the face of our opponent as we wrestle for control of the direction of America’s future.

(Hat tip DC Media Girl.)

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