Irritated by Ignorance: A Rant

So I’m reading this series called Addicted to Hate, which is an exposé of the rotting crypt keeper Fred Phelps, on this website, authored by Deborah Levinson, and after I’m done reading about the hatemonger Phelps, I notice that she’s got a hate mail section, so I click through, because the spewing vitriol of homobigots is usually good for a laugh because they’re all generally one IQ point away from clinical retardation.

Well, I’ve gotta tell you—Deborah’s mailbag sure didn’t disappoint. Here are some of my favorites (as it were):
I hate you as much as you hate me.Diference is I don't go around handing out redicule religios context twisted to fit yourselvs(whcih by the way is bullshit to begin with).

First of all, I am a 16 year old male, and I have lots of friends. NONE OF THEM ARE GAY, MOST OF THEM HAVE BEEN PAIRED UP WITH MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX!!!!!!! I am after a preety girl at my church. Everyone in my family, including MY Aunt Deb say it is wrong. I belive them. You are wrong in thinking that it is right.

[Well, if Aunt Deb says it, it must be true! – Shakes]

I don't have hate for you people, I have disgust and pity for you. Because believe certain morals and in preserving the white race I am labeled a racist.

I mean think about it, if God meant for a man and man to be together why did he create Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve???!!Why can women only have babies??!!Why does men only have a penis and a anus instead of a penis,anus and vagina??

[Ahh, the old “Adam and Steve” chestnut. The hermaphrodite argument is a new one, though! – Shakes]

you faggot scum are the lowest slime that ever crawled out of a sewer or what is lower than a sewer to slime up the earth with your filthy dispicable presents

[Hey! I never got any filthy presents from the faggot scum I know. What gives? – Shakes]

sick faggets
Is a fagget a French faggot?

It’s truly amazing—whether reading the hate mail at a site like Deborah’s, dealing with trolls at a lefty blog, or reading Freeper comments, it’s all the same…one ignorant, uneducated idiot after another, who can barely string together a coherent sentence and is in desperate need of a second-grade spelling course. These are the same people who whine and moan about “liberal elites” and how we on the Left think we’re “so much better” than they are.

Well, you know what? We are meant to be literate. We are meant to be able to communicate using an agreed-upon set of grammar rules and spelling. Failure to learn the language beyond its most basic applications, leaving one barely capable of stuttering out a marginally understandable thought now and then, is ridiculous, and it does make one inferior to the vast swath of adults who are able to function at a level higher than that of a drooling moron.

If you don’t like the plain old simple fact that there are those who are superior to you because they use their intellect for more than fashioning bongs out of household items, then pick up a fucking book, you knob-ends! And if you can’t tear yourself away from the television for two bloody seconds to try reading, then wean yourself off NASCAR races and re-runs of the Jeff Foxworthy show by changing the channel to PBS or Discovery or C-SPAN once in awhile!

Good lord. Free education for every American, and this is what we’re churning out? Pitiful.

And, by the way, one would think if the radical homosexual agenda was as influential in American schools as they claim, they’d at least be able to spell faggot correctly.

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