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Two back-to-back posts at Upon Further Review… that totally cracked my shit up. John Howard is one seriously sarcastic dude, which means I’d totally dig him even if he hadn’t been the first person ever to leave a comment at Shakespeare’s Sister who wasn’t Mr. Furious.
Cheney says al Qaeda is still 'very active'
I wonder how the administration manages this, really. That's one fucking delicate balance they've got to maintain. On the one hand, we have to believe that we've wiped out 70% of Al-Qaeda and that we're winning the War on Terror and that the fact that we haven't been attacked since 09/11/2001 is a testament to the great job they are doing with Homeland Security, but on the other hand they want us to know that Al-Qaeda is still "very active" and that we should constantly be in fear of the next attack. I don't know how they manage to reconcile these two conflicting positions, or how the freaking media doesn't call them out on it, or how half of the country buys this bullshit without subjecting it to at least a little fucking common sense first.

The homophobes are right, after all
I hate to say it, but this is what happens when kids are raised by same sex parents. They grow up to be...Major League Baseball players. Oh, the horror. The next thing you know this guy is going to be taking steroids, and it all could have been avoided if people had just believed in the sanctity of marriage.
And check out this post, too, which is the best commentary I’ve seen on how our completely retarded government doesn’t know how to classify info in .pdf documents.

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