Skippy writes a letter to Time. Not only did they put Ann Coulter on their cover; they published a picture of a satirical group as if its members were real protestors.

Sadly, even if Skippy’s excellent letter does get printed, the number of people who would read it and actually have it register versus the number of people who see it and assume it's real, are not even in the same ballpark. This is the problem with a media that refuses to do its most basic homework—the damage gets done, and unless all (three) of the Left’s media personalities collectively scream about how the mistake is part of a vast rightwing conspiracy, no one will be the wiser.

The thing is, I don’t think Time really is part of a conspiracy. I think this mistake is just typical of the assortment of lazy, complacent, imprecise, conscienceless, bottom-line driven, easily intimidated and manipulated twats that are collectively known as our mainstream media. Which, frankly, isn’t really any better.

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