Question of the Day

This has been a long damn week. Between the passage of the bankruptcy and estate tax bills, and the announcement of "Justice Sunday," I'm ready to pack it in. But I won't. I'll just take a break from the news for a bit. Even though it's late in the day, I figured it's never too late for a Question of the Day...

In the book meme thread, Shaker DonkeyNuts asked: How come you took to the internet? Open your heart and tell us what made it attractive to you.

An interesting question. I wish I had an interesting answer, but the truth is, I was just angry about what was happening in our country, and I wanted to do something besides feel helpless. I honestly never expected to have readers, or that anyone would ever be the least bit interested in what I had to say. That’s what brought me here; what has kept me here is the opportunity it gives me to learn something new every day, the sense of camaraderie I feel with other bloggers and non-blogger commenters like the irreplaceable Oddjob, and the challenge of trying to write something vaguely intelligent and interesting each day.

It’s also just nice to have a regular writing gig. I have written a novel of which I am very proud, which was resoundingly rejected by every agent to whom I sent it, always with a note that it was brilliant, that someone should and will publish it, but that it was just “too literary” for them. In other words, it stinks – lol. So the likelihood of my ever making a living as a writer is probably somewhere between nil and none. It’s still something I enjoy immensely, however, so this is a nice outlet for that particular hobby.

And now I’ll open it up for everyone: how come you took to the internet?

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