Nomination Abomination

John Howard tells it like it is:
Outlook for Bolton nomination grim

Well, I would hope so. It's about time that someone realized that George Bush's nominations for just about any position that opens up are done just to amuse himself and see if he can actually get people who are ridiculously unqualified confirmed to positions of power. He seems to carefully pick the person least qualified for a particular position from his loyal followers. Need a new Secretary of State? Here's someone who helped us to alienate all our allies while lying us into a war. Attorney General? How about one that considers laws quaint and is concerned with how the President can find ways around them. Ambassador to the UN? Oh look, here's a guy who thinks the UN is useless, he'd be a good choice.

The sad part of this Bolton story is that it took this long for people to wake up to this nonsense. How many incompetent people do we need in positions of power? It's nice that Bolton probably won't get the job, but most of Bush's appointees shouldn't have been confirmed. I think the whole Kerik fiasco should have made people look at these guys a little closer, but it seems like it had the opposite effect. Like someone told them that there would be one guy who didn't belong, and once they flushed him out, then everyone else would be fine. The other ridiculous thing is that if Bolton doesn't get confirmed, the next guy won't be much better, but even if he's a serial killer, no one will have the balls to vote against two nominations for the same office.
So funny. So true. So sad.

I wonder what BTK is up to these days. I remember reading that he was a good Christian.

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