Justice Sunday Wrap-ups

The Green Knight, ever the go-to guy, has tons of good stuff. Just head over and start reading.

Shaker Idyllopus did some great paraphrase blogging during the event last night, which can be found here, and notes, “They're out for blood and will get it one way or another.”

United Church of Christ Seminarian Chuck Currie’s wrap-up, which looks at the event through the eyes of a liberal Christian opposed to the dominionist movement, is here.

A truly chilling account from a liberal who attended a viewing at a local church is here, which I highly recommend. A brief excerpt:
Anyway, after watching the show on the church's big screen, and seeing with my own eyes the reactions of the forty or so people I sat with in the church, I felt the need to yell out this word, very loudly and very clearly:


The Christian fundamentalists are at the gate. They are organized and on the march for change – the sort of change that is very bad if you’re not one of them. The hour and a half show was filled with inflammatory, impassioned rhetoric against all non-evangelical Christians, and especially against “liberal secularists,” as they called Democrats. "Be afraid" laughed several of the evenings' featured speakers, confident in the pending doom of their political opponents.

How far would one have to push these emboldened zealots before they start burning piles of Harpers, or coming after you or me with baseball bats in the street? Not very far at all, was the impression I got watching Justice Sunday.
Really—read the rest.

If you spy any other good reviews of the event, please add links in comments.

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