Freedom, Freedom, Freedom- OY! Freedom, Freedom, Freedom- OY!

This is just incredibly appalling. When the headline is "Abu Ghraib was just the "tip of the iceberg"," my stomach sinks.

It's driving me absolutely insane that this is being ignored by the MSM. This is one of the biggest, if not *the* biggest story to come from this war. For all of our flag waving, for all of the overuse of the words "freedom" and "liberty," this is the actual face we're showing to the rest of the world.

Thugs. Criminals. Torturers. Sadistic, evil monsters.

Terrorist attacks are at a record high, and we're lucky we know this, since Condi tried so hard to stop the whole thing. The report, not terrorism. Our actions are creating more terrorists daily; and daily we are losing support from the rest of the world. Who can support our actions when it's painfully obvious that these horrible actions are not the work of "a few bad apples?" (And can we please stop using that phrase? No one believed it when these stories first came out.)

I don't want to hear one more word about "Saddam gassing his own people" while we STILL haven't released detainees that have been held because of their knowledge of WMD's that have been proven not to exist, and when we have engaged (and probably still are engaging) in horrific torture of innocents.

And what, you ask, was the lead story on the news last night?

"Watching T.V. on your cell phone! Is it worth the high cost for such a little picture? Or is this the new 'Must Have Gadget? (tm)' "

What was ABC's special report last night? An hour long show?

"Demonic Possession: Some people say they're possessed by Satan. Is it real? How do they expel their demons?" With charming footage of people vomiting into buckets and dancing around with snakes.

I'm ashamed, and I have nothing to do with any of this. Seriously, how do these people live with themselves?

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