Short Takes

Wanna read one hell of a rant? Linnet takes on the Moose. Yowza. Right on, girl.

Reason #1,643,297 (or so) why Rush Limbaugh is a disingenuous pile of vitriol-spewing lard who feeds on the fear-generated hatred he evokes from his vile army of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Dittoheads.

Even dead and gone, the unceasingly brilliant Tennessee Williams is still one of our best social commentators—the most recently unearthed of his lost plays takes on torture.

Lawrence J. Korb examines the Bush administration’s repeated violation of the policies established to support the all-volunteer Army. Do you feel a draft?

The Washington State Supreme Court prepares to take on gay marriage. (Quite long, but well worth the read, wisely noting, “it's hard not to foresee a time when its prohibition is viewed as archaic and appalling—as appalling as the old laws against miscegenation seem today, part of a shameful past.”)

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