I Love L.A.

Actually, I think L.A. is kind of a shithole*, but tonight, I love all of California:
A judge ruled Monday that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, saying the state could no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

In the eagerly awaited opinion likely to be appealed to the state's highest court, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer said that withholding marriage licenses from gays and lesbians is unconstitutional.

"It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners," Kramer wrote.

The judge wrote that the state's historical definition of marriage, by itself, cannot justify the denial of equal protection for gays and lesbians.

"The state's protracted denial of equal protection cannot be justified simply because such constitutional violation has become traditional," Kramer wrote.
For a truly grim peek into the minds of Freepers on the issue, see the collection of quotes Pam has put together. My two favorites are:
I am currently a judge (at a fourth grade science fair), and I say that sodomites cannot be married.
LOL!!! Awesome credentials, are they not?

Marriage should be open to unions between cats and chairs, children and grandparents, ferrets and toilet bowls.
For what would a ferret and a toilet bowl register, do you think? I don’t know if there are any household items specifically appropriate for a ferret-toilet bowl union. Looks like Martha got out of jail just in time!

*No offense, L.A.-ers. I live in a shithole, too.

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