Please scroll down (and to the right) and check out the new addition to the blog, courtesy of the Dark Wraith.

Highly excellent, don'tcha think?

UPDATE: The Dark Wraith says:
I need to point out to all of your readers that you let me use you and your blog as the test subjects for the subscription version of blogScream release 1.0, since I needed a willing blogger and the remote blog site to do the final calibrations.

A few last minute adjustments are going to be made this afternoon, and then you'll see a post this evening on The Dark Wraith Forums telling bloggers how they can subscribe to blogScream for their blogs and have headlines syndicated from time to time on the news wire.

That having been said, everyone here should always remember that blogScream first went to subscription here at Shakespeare's Sister.

With a nod to Pam from Pam's House Blend...

I should have pointed that first time 'round. Sorry. :-)

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