Bloggrrls (Part 3)

Okay, so maybe I was a little hard on Kevin Drum. Not to say he wasn’t wrong, but picking on him singularly when he’s certainly not the only one who’s said something less than thoughtful to get we girls’ ire a-firing, and certainly not the only one who maybe hasn’t done everything he could to promote bloggrrls, might have been unfair.

So here’s my final word on the matter (unless someone wants to challenge me a duel a la Zell Miller at any point, in which case I’ll be happy to oblige), and it’s directed to any popular male blogger who has a genuine interest in addressing the disparity between male and female bloggers in the upper echelon:

Part of the reason women get angry about the periodic navel-gazing about aforementioned disparity is because it gets old hearing you talk about it without actually ever seeming to do anything about it (with some exceptions). When the issue raises its head every so often, all of us girls say, “Here we are! Here we are!” and then it settles down, back to status quo. If you are legitimately concerned about the lack of women among the most highly trafficked political sites, stop talking and just take action.

Add a few chicks that you like, whose content you think is right on. If nothing else, doing so will help discern whether a lack of links from popular male bloggers is really the issue, or part of it. Continual wondering from the big dog male bloggers about whether it’s an issue is just irritating, when they’re the ones who have control over whether to change it.

Because if we have to read what amounts to the equivalent of, “Gee girls—why aren’t you more popular? Do you think it’s because we don’t link to you?” one more time, there may well be bloodshed.

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