Action Alert: Anti-Gay Legislation Being Pushed in NC

As gays, lesbians, and their straight supporters look poised to win one fight in NY, another one rears its head in North Carolina. Pam’s House Blend reports:
A group of scared, middle-aged white men are so threatened by my relationship with Kate, that they want to write discrimination into our state constitution. And they have been elected to do so, and have made this their top priority. [The proposed legislation] is patterned after the highly restrictive Virginia legislation, attempting not only to define marriage, but to prevent civil unions and restrict contracts between same sex couples that would ensure legal protections.
Her post, which details the extent of this repellent, bigoted proposal and the fucktards behind it, is a must-read. She also has some recommendations for what we can do to help:
1) Watch [Pam's House Blend]. I keep House Blenders informed as things progress here, and if there are any action items that may help us out here, I'll let you know. Email me (pam at if you've taken action or sent a letter that you wish to share on the Blend on this issue.

2) Support Equality organizations in your state, if it is at risk for an amendment challenge. Give your time and money, if you can spare. In North Carolina, the organization at the grassroots level is Equality NC.

3) If you are gay and if it is at all possible for you to safely come out, DO IT. No one ever regrets throwing open that closet door, even if the path is difficult for a while. The more that people realize we are your neighbors, co-workers, teachers, police officers and leaders in the community, the less effective the "fear and loathing" demonization campaign by the Right is. We're usually living average, boringly normal workaday lives like the average American and no threat to life as we know it.

4) If you are straight and an ally, COME OUT. Support your gay friends and loved ones when you hear intolerant conversation, politely engage ignorance with information.

5) Make the Democratic establishment get off of their asses on this issue. Too many are DINOs, ready to sacrifice all principles for a vote as a career politician. Courage is in short supply, apparently, so these losers need to be threatened with the electoral boot. Party hacks need to be held accountable. Write them and call them out in emails and in the blogosphere. So far, I've only heard Mel Watt (D-NC) make a persuasive case on how to approach gay civil rights in the public sphere. Where are all the other Dems? Let them have it. Don't give a dime unless they are willing to take a real position, not the punt of "marriage is between a man and a woman" so there's no need for a constitutional amendment, "unless the courts see otherwise."
Also, write a letter to the editor of the Raleigh News and Observer and let them know you oppose this discriminatory legislation.

In keeping with Pam’s suggestion that supportive straights COME OUT, too, I want to direct anyone who might be wondering about whether pushing for gay rights is necessary and/or 'rightly timed' to my post on Reframing Gay Rights, which includes my explanation of why I think it's an integrally important issue for any liberal to support—now.

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