Kerry Repeat?

Okay, I know this has been discussed before, but today Americablog and Dailkykos have info about more indications that John Kerry has his eye on the Presidential nom for 08. See the details, and some points which I agree with, here.

Here's the thing. I think John Kerry is an honorable man and I have great respect for his post-Vietnam activities, as highlighted in the excellent Going Upriver. I believe he is much more ethical than someone like Clinton. I also understand the criticism Dems have taken for cannibalizing their nominees, not giving them a second chance, etc. "What about Nixon? What about Reagan?" people cry. "They lost before, too." Yeah okay fine.

But here's the thing. Our main concern should be WINNING. Not sparing John Kerry's feelings. I don't care how upstanding he is if he's going to run another ineffective campaign and then play hide and seek when another election goes awry because of Republican funny business. We have to quit fucking around and start getting tough and start kicking some Republican ass. We need a candidate who's not afraid to do that. Kerry was advised to death and made some major blunders. Was he the classier guy? Yes. More intelligent with better policies? Yes. Did he win every debate? Yes. Did American give a fuck? Hell no. End of story.

And, as Americablog says, Hilary better forget it right now if she cares about the future of the Democratic party. As romantic as it sounds, do any Dems REALLY think she could win in 08 (or any time in the next decade for that matter)? Get fucking real!

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