Reel Crazy

The ever-vigilant John Aravosis has unearthed yet another example of almost unbelievable right-wingnuttery. Apparently, the religious right is taking their fight to the cinema, and you’ll never guess what paragon of filth they’ve set their sights on.

Unless, of course, you guessed “Shark Tale,” in which case you’d be right.

Yes, my blue brothers and sisters, you read me right. That’s “Shark Tale,” the animated adventure about a vegetarian shark whose meat-rebuffing ways irks his dad. In no small part due to the film’s controversial assertion that “it's sometimes okay to swim against the current,” the Jesus freaks have come out against the film’s liberal message, which they believe metaphorically pushes a homosexual agenda.

You’ll have to read the entire story to fully appreciate their evidence of this subversive scheme. I have to admit, it’s pretty convincing. I’m going to write letters to my Senators and congressman insisting they introduce legislation to ban shark marriage as soon as possible, before some activist judge makes it legal, and I suggest you do the same, if you value families.

I wonder how one goes about catching gay fish. Queer bait?

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