This evening before leaving work, I caught a call that was a pre-recorded message. We get lots of those, and I was about to hang up when I realized it was a solicitation to participate in a CBS election poll. Being landline-less, I jumped at the only chance I would have to take part, and so I spent the 5 minutes or so touch-toning my answers. I was especially interested as the questions were geared toward Indiana voters, rather than Illinois voters (being in NW Indiana, we get Chicago stations, and end up knowing a lot more about Barack Obama than Evan Bayh).

The survey ended with a message that the poll results would appear on the evening newscast, which I did not watch, opting for my nightly dose of Jon Stewart instead, especially as I knew Zogby would be making an appearance. I looked for the results online, but CBS' Chicago affiliate site that did the polling yielded nothing.

I did, however, see in their Indiana news section that there has been much interest in the election and increased voter registration across college campuses throughout the state. Knowing the voter trends of younger voters, my dream of the ever-purplish Hoosiers turning into a battleground state in '08 might just yet be realized.

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